Alumni Picnic

This past weekend Pomona Rose Float Alumni joined the students in an annual luncheon at the Pomona Lab. After lunch both students and alumni participated in a little friendly competition to end the event.

All food at the event was provided by the alumni and the students couldn't have been more pleased with the meal. Thank you to all alumni that helped to make this event possible our students really enjoyed everything that you had to sharer

Pomona Retreat

Students from the Pomona team enjoyed a full day of camping and team building in the Chino Hills State Park earlier this month. This is an annual trip is structured to build relations between all members of the Pomona campus to spark everlasting relationships throughout their float making process.

In addition to the leadership and team building activities scheduled for the trip, students enjoyed roaming the landscape. The Chino Hills State Park is filled with multiple hiking trails that the students were able to explore during their stay.

The picture of the Pomona team (shown above) does not show everyone on the team, but fortunately everyone was able to attend.

Happiness Through Guidance

Dennis workshop

Dennis Midyett, a professional float builder, held a workshop at Cal Poly Pomona on February 27th. This learn by doing experience covered the basics but exceeded everyones expectations. In the nearly 6 hour workshop that Dennis put on, students from both the Cal Poly campuses were amazed by his incredible work.

The Design Team members received expert advise and key instruction that will help them succeed in their future. All of the time that Dennis shared on this day was graciously donated to the Rose Float team. All of the students enjoyed this incredible opportunity and would like to thank him for his time.


photo credit - Trevor Franco